Hollis Energy Resources Delivers Texas Landman Services with Texas Integrity
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Featured Court Houses

Goliad County Courthouse
Goliad is one of the few counties in Texas to have been ruled by nine governments. Originally built in 1894, the courthouse featured a clock tower and two turrets, which were removed in 1942 after being severely damaged in a hurricane. The clock tower and cupolas were restored
in 2003.

Delivers Accurate, Reliable, Detailed Texas Land Services

The experienced landmen of Hollis Energy Resource Services can help you negotiate for the acquisition or divestiture of mineral rights, frame business agreements that provide for the exploration and/or development of minerals, or determine the ownership of minerals through the research of public records.

Our goal is to provide a complete and exhaustive report, leaving no stone unturned in our review.  Hollis Energy Resource Services provides professional and accurate packages.

Our team is experienced and flexible to provide reports customized to your individual and specific requirements. Our services include:

Lease Research: Our research provides information relating to all contracts affecting the properties, including:

  • Letter Agreements
  • Exploration Agreements
  • Analysis of Oil & Gas Leases
  • Assignments

Negotiable Terms

  • Royalties
  • Bonuses
  • Terms of lease

Property Report: We provide critical preliminary information prior to the leasing of oil and gas properties, including:

Title Search Report

  • Verification of Property Addresses
  • Ownership Information (Last Deed or Vesting Document)
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Recorded Liens (Open Deeds of Trust, Mortgages, Equity Liens)
  • Property Tax Information

Current Owner Report (Limited Deed Search)

  • Verification of Property Addresses
  • Ownership Information (Last Deed or Vesting Document)
  • Legal Description