Hollis Energy Resources Delivers Texas Landman Services with Texas Integrity
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Featured Court Houses

McLennan County Courthouse
Built in 1901, this Beaux-Arts style building in Waco replaced three previous courthouse structures. The architect was said to have been inspired by Saint Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. The ornate architecture features a series of eagles perched around the base of the dome.
About Us
Hollis Energy Resource Services Achieves Solid Texas Landman Service Results

Results are important. Hollis Energy Resource Services prides itself on managing well-organized projects, and getting it right the first time.

From the Panhandle to the Valley, in over 90 Texas counties, Hollis Energy Resource Services has researched and been involved in several of the largest land plays in Texas. Founded in 1994 by Julie Ellen Hollis, our firm offers complete in-house organization of information and will assemble it in any fashion which suits the client.

We work predominantly with large, independent onshore exploration firms, maintaining full confidentiality and the anonymity of our clients. The Hollis Energy Resource Services team of Texas landmen has the capacity to lease a frontier area, a regional play, or a one section prospect.

We recognize the confidence our clients place in us, and back every project with complete honesty and integrity – a legacy of the Texas courthouses that we honor.

For more information on the Texas landman services provided by Hollis Energy Resource Services, contact us today.